Exhibition information

I am delighted to make an announcement of the 7th “Kotenko-Tenten”.

One by one, my pieces of work have left me since the 1st exhibition.

It has been 10 years since I decided to become an artist. 

I can now tell “I am an artist” because of you who supported me and 

became the owners of my art works. 

An old storehouse next to my workshop has been turned into a brand new gallery. 

I look forward to seeing you all here in Shinshyu-Nakano this autumn.

Takeji Nakagawa, Take-g toys

■Take-g toys Exhibition information.


  Time: 2011 Oct 08 (Sat)~ 16 (Sun) open 10:00~17:00 (the first day from 13:00)

  Free admission and free parking available


  Place: Gallery “Norari-Kurari” (next to Take-G Toy’s workshop)

  Address: 970-1 Yoshida, Nakano-shi, Nagano-ken, JAPAN

  Tel: 0269-23-2121


  Transport: (Train)  Nagano-shinkansen – JR Nagano Station

   Nagano-dentetsu (line) – Nagano Station

   30 min by Express; 45 min by Normal

   Shinshyu-Nakano Station  

   15 min by food

      (Car)    Leave Jyoetsu-Do Shinshyu-Nakano I.C. 

   10 min

  Oct 09 (Sun) and 10 (Mon; bank holiday): there will be talks at the gallery,

   introducing art works. 

Exhibition summary

   There will be many Take-g Toy’s original robots and 

   models using four different kinds of timber, 

   keyaki (a Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova), teak, walnut, and white ash. 

   To celebrate the opening of the new gallery, 

   there also will be products which were no longer made. 

Turist information of the surrounding areas 

  Snow Monkey Park at JigokuDani: 15 min by car plus 30 min walk

  The world famous spot where monkeys take bath


  Yudanaka Hotspring: 15 min by car

  The town of nine hot springs 

  Obuse Town: 15 min by car

  Famous for its flowers, chestnuts and Katsushika Hokusai

  Zenkoji Temple: 40 min by car

  The most famous temple in Nagano if not in Japan – a must see

  Ippon-Gi Park (aka Rose Park): 5 min by car

  Rose festival between Oct 08~16

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  1. Hello! I love your creations they are Magnificent! I love robots and space toys and I would like to buy one of your toys please!
    Can you please email me a list of toys you will sell ?
    Thank you so much!

    Mike (2013.3.5 16:17
  2. I feel glad that you liked my work.
    I do not have a method to send a work abroad for the moment.
    However, you have some methods.
    For example,
    Like this my linked fan, there is the person who has a work in its hand.
    If there are a friend and a relative in Japan, please ask the person to go for a private exhibition.
    When you ask some friends, it seems to be wide, and the world may be small for you.
    I hope that the friend of the relative of your friend is my friend.

    中川岳二 (2013.3.7 09:25
  3. Hello Takeji!
    Thank you so much for your nice reply – I am honored to have it! I would like to send you a gift – I make space toys – how can I send to you?
    Your friend from Minnesota!

    Mike (2013.3.12 14:28
  4. 안녕하세요. 私は 韓国に 住んでいる jung jaehoonと言う 人です。takejiさんの 大fanで 私も woodworkerです。今年 あなたの 展示会へ 行きたいと お持ています。まだ 展示会 予定が 出なさうですね. 私のemailに 今年 展示予定を いただけますか? お会い日まで 楽しに お待ています。

    Jung. Jaehoon (2013.3.21 08:35
  5. Hello Mike.
    I read comment from you, and I feel very glad
    Because I show my address, please send an email.
    A fan of my work is my friend.
    Thank you.

    中川岳二 (2013.3.24 11:33
  6. Hello jung jaehoon.
    I am glad in your comment.
    Because, you and i do the same woodworker.
    I believe that we understand it in a deep place through a tree.
    Please come to the private exhibition of this year.
    If the schedule of the private exhibition is decided, I send an email to you.
    At first give me an email from you.
    A fan of my work is my friend.
    Thank you.

    中川岳二 (2013.3.24 11:48
  7. Hey Takeji,
    Just want to say I really admire your work, with these wooden toys especially this one on this post.
    I really really really want to buy one!!! Words can not describe how much I want one. I am all the way in New York City.
    Would you ever sell these over seas to places like New York City? or even come to NYC and have a Exhibition?
    But regardless, Keep up the good work, I really hope to see more of your master pieces in the future.

    Ming Lai (2013.6.27 11:05
  8. Hello, Ming Lai.
    I am glad that you praised a work.
    And I pray for your hand having my work sometime.
    If a private exhibition is possible in New York, I am glad.
    However, I do not have the means for the moment.
    Will you introduce a reliable gallery and curator to me if Ming expects it?
    I believe that a wish of me and Ming comes true .
    Thank you very much.

    中川岳二 (2013.7.2 07:12