For friends of Take-G toy’s around the world!

● I am so glad that you are interested in Take-G toy’s.
Take-G toy’s is a ‘toy’ maker which mostly deals with wooden crafts hand-made by Takeji (Take-G) Nakagawa (actual toys which are sold online are restricted to Take-G blocks and zoo). My motto is to bring wooden beauty and quality into life in my own style.
I often get asked “Why do you make robots with wood?” I don’t really have an exact answer for it but I often relate my robots with ‘future’.
What do you relate future with? ? Cities full of metals, glasses and plastics in a SF movie???
What we really want is not that kind of future but one full of trees and something more natural. I don’t think humans can live without trees no matter what advances technology makes.
When I think of ‘future’, I cannot help thinking of ‘past’ at the same time. Trees take long time (tens and hundreds years) to grow and show us their beauty (the product of their past). I think that I have responsibilities as a craftsman and an artist of breathing new life into these trees. I have a job to link 100 years in the past and 100 years in the future through my work. This is my values toward my work.
I wish my work, which carries such values, can grab imaginations of children of the past, present and future.
I welcome entries(comments) in English in my blog! I am looking forward to hearing from you.
● About the products of the Take-G toy’s
Yosegi-Mokuzougan, or joined wooden block construction, is craft skills
where combinations of original and unique colors and textures of different
kinds of wood are utilized to express artistic patterns.
In Japan, the Hakone-Odawara region is famous for this traditional handicraft.
Products of the Take-g Toy’s have expanded this traditional craft skill,
which usually employs two-dimensional patterns, by using three-dimentional patterns, instead.
We use four different kinds of wood, a keyaki (a Japanese tree of the genus Zelkova),
a teak, a walnut, and a white ash. A typical production process involves:
1) careful choice of the kinds of wood according to parts of a product,
2) gluing larger parts in a vise,
3) fitting smaller parts such as eyes or numbers into corresponding holes,
4) curving assembled parts into the shape of, say, a human, and 5) applying varnish to a product.
The products of the Take-g Toy’s are produced by a unique mixture of the
traditional craft skill, or Yosegi-Mokuzougan, and modern designs
that optimizes original texture of high-quality material.
● Please read below before contacting me(replys to 3 different types of customers – individuals, companies, and gallaries including magazines):
P.S. As I do not understand English very well, I have deleted some of English-written emails (I thought they are spams). I apologise for people who did not get my replies. Please write to me, but please read below first.
■ For Individual customers:
Dear Customers
I am so glad that you are interested in my work
Unfortunately, the most of crafts shown in the web pages are one-off artworks. I only sell these crafts at exhibitions and art galleries. Therefore, I do not post these products.
I hand-craft these products piece by piece by myself taking a long time and I have been putting everything I have into my work to make wooden materials’ true quality and beauty shine through. So, if someone were to buy these crafts, I insist he/she having had a careful look at my work at first-hand and not just looking at photos. I have been insisting on this to my Japanese customers too. So I do not have a brochure of my work. In Japan, I only sell Take-G blocks and zoo online, which are for children (these are true toys but they carry some quality which I pursuit).
The prices of my crafts are subject to change so I cannot name exact prices but here are some approximates:
Small-sized crafts: US$ 50-80
Medium-sized crafts: US$ 150-800
Large-sized crafts: US$ 1200-6000
The prices of Take-g blocks and zoo are below, although I have not found a way of selling these to overseas yet.
Take-g blocks

Take-g zoo

I am so sorry as this probably comes as a disappointment. However, let me say “thank you” because I was really encouraged by your email all the way from overseas. My company is very small just run by my wife and me and I cannot possibly mass-produce any of my products (apart from Take-G blocks and zoo). Someday, I dream of having exhibitions at galleries near you.
Thank you very much and sincerely yours,
Takeji Nakagawa aka Take-G
■ For Company etc:
Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you for contacting me and I am glad that you are interested in my work. Most of what you have see on the web (e.g., robots and characters) is hand-crafted artworks and not for sale apart from being sold at occasional exhibitions. However, I do sell Take-g blocks and Take-g zoo as you may have seen on the web. I have yet to sell any of my work overseas mostly because Take-g toy’s is a small company run only by my wife and myself. I cannot really mass-produce any of products (maybe the blocks and zoo could be produced for a large-scale market). Sometime in future, if I decide to start selling my toys (Take-g blocks and zoo), I will definitely let you know. It would be great if you help me on that occasion.
I hand-craft all of Take-g products and I have been trying to covey the beauty of wooden products via my work. Please remember most of crafts I make are an art not actually ‘toys’ except a few products. I have been encouraged by your email as it came all the way from overseas. I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much and sincerely yours,
Takeji Nakagawa aka Take-G
■ For Galleries and magazines:
Dear Sir/Madam
I will welcome offers for exhibitions at galleries and coverage in magazines. Please email : (Takeji Nakagawa)
I have some exhibitions planned in Japan so availability may be restricted. For exhibitions at galleries, please outline your conditions in details.
Thank you very much and sincerely yours,
Takeji Nakagawa aka Take-G

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  1. アメリカのシアトルで個展して頂きたいとおもいます!

    kevin C (2007.6.21 03:56
  2. >kevin Cさん
    Welcome from Seattle.

    中川岳二 (2007.6.21 22:11
  3. Hello, you do a really incredible and beautifull work, i really like it I’ve never seen something like that, I love wood and your creation is exactly what i wanted to find when i was a child, now i’m phisically adult but i would like to get one (of your creation) for me, to touch it and to show what it’s possible to do with wood.
    Is it possible to buy this creation : "アインとニーチェ" ???
    Thanks and i wish you inspiration
    My english is not perfect i hope your understand me.

    Sébastien Leroy (2007.6.22 18:17
  4. >Dear Seb Leroy
    Thank you very much for your comments – this is the first English entry for my blog.
    Yes, your kind words certainly have inspried me like many other words like yours around the world.
    Unfortunatly, I am not planning to have any exhibitions overseas yet but I really hope to have one in the future.
    Take-G toy’s may come to France someday
    Thanks again

    中川岳二 (2007.6.28 08:49
  5. Hi,
    I am intersting in your products, but i can´t view in japanese. How can i see in english the web site?!

    Charles (2007.11.15 03:59
  6. >Dear Charles
    Thank you for the comment.
    It is very glad that you were interested in my work.
    I am sorry, I do not have an English Web site.
    An English Web site will be made in the future.
    It survives when you enjoy it only in the photograph now.

    中川岳二 (2007.11.15 21:44
  7. 囁謫竏 矼鱚韆轢鞐. 茸繚?
    <a href=>代鱚韆轢齏? 闔跪弴</a>

    faineant2008.3.30 02:01
  8. Dear Friend,
    My name is Marcel and I´m from Marie Claire Brazil. We would like publish the take-g toys, could you please send photos of it in hi-res?
    Thank you,

    Marcel de Lima2008.4.1 04:39
  9. >Dear Marcel
    Could you please send me your email address? – my brother will send you photos – his address is

    中川岳二 (2008.4.1 14:58
  10. Dear Takeji Nakagawa
    I’m from Brazil and I would like to know how to buy your 花ずきんとねぎぼうず .
    Thank you !

    Danielle (2008.4.29 08:32
  11. >Danielle
    Hi, Danielle – Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunatly, they are not for sale in overseas. Also, I only have several sets so I only sell these at special exhibitions.

    中川岳二 (2008.4.29 20:09
  12. Hello! I´m writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Your work is stuning, I really have no words.
    I make wood puppets, very minimalistics, that can be taken for robots too. But my conceptual aproach is completly different (and my handcrafts habilities too, hahaha!)
    Please, do an exibition in Buenos Aires!

    Juan Pablo Cambariere (2008.5.31 00:22
  13. I forgot!
    This is my Flickr:
    And my web:
    (sorry, it´s all in spanish)
    It could be great to have your opinion on my work!. Thanks!!!

    Juan Pablo Cambariere (2008.5.31 00:27
  14. Hi, Juan
    Thank you very much for your comments and I very much enjoyed your wooden puppets. Also, thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement. Unfortunatly, I only sell my work at exhibtions. I am planing to have one in Los Angeles. I hope I can have one in Brasil in the future.Keep up your wonderful work too

    中川岳二 (2008.6.1 16:26
  15. Thank you!!! You are really too kind.
    It would be great for brazilian people if you go there, I´ll be really happy for them. But Buenos Aires is the campital of Argentina, it´s another country.

    Juan Pablo Cambariere (2008.6.2 22:33
  16. can you please tell me how much the Hana-zukin and Negi-bouzu are? also how much is the Rokugouki? can i order these from you? how much is it to ship to san diego, california, usa? please let me know.
    thank you.

    mitch quina (2008.6.3 11:51
  17. >mitch quina
    Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunatly, they are not for sale in overseas. Also, I only have several sets so I only sell these at special exhibitions. I am planing to have one in Los Angeles.Please come at that time.

    中川岳二 (2008.6.3 23:25
  18. That’s awesome.
    Can you tell me more about the show? When is it? Do you have show information posted anywhere on your website?
    Please let me know. I would love to come!!!

    mitch (2008.6.6 02:07
  19. >Dear mitch
    I will inform of details of the exhibition on the homepage.
    Please wait for a while.

    中川岳二 (2008.6.9 21:12
  20. Hi
    Please could you tell me when and where your exhibition will be in Japan this autumn?
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Molly Price

    molly price (2008.6.16 23:54
  21. Hi, Molly
    Thank you very much for the query,
    A take-g toys’ exhibition in this autumn will be held at
    the gallery MITATE at Roppongi in Tokyo
    The exact dates have not been decided,
    but it will be around the end of Sept and the beginning of Oct for two weeks.
    I am looking forward to seeing you there.
    Sincerely yours,

    中川岳二 (2008.6.17 23:04
  22. I wish I am a kid to play, and discover robots by your toys…Amazing work, wonderfull and poetic…I love it…Thanks for making a great universe for kids( we are all forever kids…) even if you think your work has to be collectionned…Let’s kid play!
    Sorry for my poor english and thanks a lot for create this soft wooden world.

    Dorian (2008.6.25 17:59
  23. >Dear Doria
    Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am still a kid and I will be playful forever.
    And I will make toys for kids of the past, present and future.
    Takeji – aka take-g

    中川岳二 (2008.6.26 21:53
  24. Dear Takegi,
    My name is Silvana Catazine and I´m from Naif Magazine Spain. We would like publish the take-g toys in the fort edition, could you please send photos of it in hi-res?
    I send 2 mails for your brother but I’m still waiting for a answer – is a little bit urgent. my deadline is 25 july.
    Thank you very much and congratulations for your poetic work,

    silvana catazine (2008.7.20 21:59
  25. When do you intend to come to Brazil? I loved your work.

    claudia (2008.7.23 10:28
  26. Dear Takegi,
    You create amazing wood craft. I run an animation related blog and I did a small post on your work.
    Do keep up your good work!
    I am also a cartoon creator and here’s a couple of my cartoon series.
    I am pleased to say that they have been licensed in Japan as downloadable interactive mobile phone cartoon characters using a platform called Machichara.
    Would love to see our cartoon characters made into wooden toys by you one day!
    Kind regards,

    Aldric Chang2008.7.24 01:57
  27. >Dear Silvana
    My brother says he never received your email . I am so sorry to reply this so late (this is my brother replying and he was away). If this is not still late, please contact my brother ( He should be able to send you high-resolution photos.

    中川岳二 (2008.7.30 22:11
  28. >Hi, Claudia
    – sorry I do not have a plan to have exhibition in Brazil at the moment but I certainly hope to do so. I am soon to have an exhibition in Los Angles.

    中川岳二 (2008.7.30 22:14
  29. >Dear Aldric
    Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragements.
    I like your work too – they are fabulous.
    I am going to have an exhibition in Los Angelis next year so if you live around there. We may see each other.
    Thanks again – Takeji

    中川岳二 (2008.7.30 22:15
  30. Thanks Takeji.
    I am based in Singapore 🙂

    Aldric Chang2008.7.31 03:10
  31. konichiwa Takeji-san,
    kinki des ?
    Your passion and skill are outstanding. Beautifull objects can only be made through and with passion.
    Your "toys" will be treasured long after we are in a different world.
    It is always good to see people who bring joy and happiness to others.
    Please do take care of mother earth and carefully choose the wood you use.
    Domo arigato,
    Taco Joustra

    Taco Joustra (2008.8.16 20:18
  32. Love your wooden, where can I get them ? Do you ship them to germany ? How expensive are they ?
    Best, Peter

    peter dietrich (2008.8.19 23:08
  33. Hi Takeji,
    I want to say that I think your work is brilliant. I think it shows such dedication and an extremely high level of skill.
    I am hoping to come to Japan in November and I was wondering if it is possible to visit your shop and come and meet you?
    I would love to buy some pieces too if possible?
    Look forward to your response.
    Many thanks.

    Ming Liu (2008.9.1 18:47
  34. very best job

    kidrock (2008.9.10 16:14
  35. I read you make all the wooden robots (and other toys) by hand. This is wonderful, showing skill and love for the material. I would love to have one of those robots (or a few) but I appreciate the fact that you only want to sell to people you can look in the eyes and who can cup the toy in their hand before they buy it. Your toys are wonderful and I respect the fact you don’t want to sell to just ‘anyone’. Since I live in Amsterdam and it’s going to take a long time for me to come to see you I suppose I shall never ‘meet’ one of your robots. But I shall cherish the pictures.

    Marie-Pierre2008.10.11 21:44
  36. Hi
    I stumbled across your toys online and I fell in love. They are so beautiful! I would love to purchase some of them for my little boy. Could you let me know how I could do this? Do you have a supplier in Australia? Look forward to your response.

    doone wildin (2008.10.18 18:27
  37. Dear Mr. Nakagawa,
    Your work is absolutely beautiful! All your special pieces shows that our are a creative person with much patience and love to produce such unmatchable art.
    You mention that you may have an exhibit in Los Angeles, California. Please be so kind to email me at with the date. I am looking forward to attend your exhibit and be forever grateful.
    Thank you very much for your response.
    A.P. Toy

    A.P.Toy (2008.10.30 14:27
  38. Hello,
    On march 12- april 4 I will be visiting Japan, I was wondering if you have any exhibition during that time. We hope you have so we can finally see your artworks in real life.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Joelle Kolman

    Joelle Kolman (2009.2.9 03:52
  39. Hello from Poland
    This toys are pieces from wooden Heaven … I must buy them in the future!!! Just for me hahahah , great fantasy – people from Japan are sooo talented but need some more time to relax hahah

    Justyna (2009.2.9 08:10
  40. Hello !
    My name is Clement, and I’m a young graphic designer and web designer from Lyon, France. I just discovered your work, and I find it really wonderful. Your robots seems to be really difficult to make, and the designs are creative and beautiful.
    I have got a blog called Ceegee, which is a bit known by french graphic designers, and I just wrote an article about your work. I hope it’s not a problem for you. You can see it at this adress :
    The article is in french, but if you want I could ask a japanese friend to translate it.

    clement2009.5.13 00:03
  41. Thank you for comment.
    I read the comment.
    I thank for written content very much.
    The English older brother who can do it is busy now.
    I cannot write the words of my thanks.
    Because it uses the automatic translation, it may be a strange sentence.
    I want to say that thank you.

    中川岳二 (2009.5.16 20:49
  42. Love the wooden robots.
    Do you sell them? Do you ship to the US? If do you ship to tokyo?
    if so where and how much?

    Mitchell Ratchik2009.6.25 12:55
  43. I came across you work by accident and I have to say I fell in love. They are just amazing. As much as I would like to own one I would even more like to learn how to make toys using that technique.
    I’m from Canada and would absolutely love to learn how to do that. Its to much to ask for detailed directions. I was just wondering if you might be able to give me a few tips on where to start looking in order to learn how to make things like that?

    Rick (2009.8.4 11:03
  44. Congratulations, your work is very beautiful and inspires people around the world.
    Including me.
    Where do you find inspiration for this task so delicate and well done?
    S&atilde;o Paulo – Brasil

    Alfonso Aniello Marra (2009.8.22 01:11
  45. I was just in Tokyo last week, what a shame I didn’t know about your work.
    I have been an amateur artist (see the url for a website I created for a Vietnamese art gallery that my Aunt and Uncle run). I love your toys. If I asked my Japanese friend, could he purchase this toy:
    How much would it cost me? Can you deliver in Tokyo?
    Thank you – Arigato gozaimasu

    Matthew2010.1.9 13:50
  46. Hello, can we find of another site on the characters you with or of other.

    matthieu (2010.2.18 03:32
  47. Hello! I live in Cuba and I went to Japan 14 years ago in order to learn Mokuzougan art. I’d like to know where can I go in order to learn more about it.

    Jose Gordillo (2010.9.8 01:49
  48. love toys it is nice blog I like it. I want more toys for boys on reasonable rates through online shopping if you can help me.

    tilak ahuja (2010.10.14 22:20
  49. Hello,
    I’m going to Japan netx month. I’m interested in buying one of your pieces, could you send me and e-mail with more information on Where to find you?
    Thank you

    sergio hernandez (2010.10.15 17:40
  50. Hello Takeji Nakagawa,
    I am deeply inspired and excited by your work. I really appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of your work, as well as your personal philosophy behind the creation of your robots. I too am a strong believer in the importance of nature to the world’s future.
    You must understand my disappointment in learning that you do not sell to over seas customers. I am making it a goal to visit and purchase one of your pieces.
    Best Regards,
    Charles Melikidse

    Charles Melikidse (2010.11.29 12:40
  51. Thank you for writing English comment.
    I read using an automatic translation.
    I am pleased with your words.
    I got the courage that continued making a work.
    I look forward to that I can meet you in the future.
    Thank you.

    中川岳二 (2010.11.30 21:30
  52. Dear sirs ,
    l am interesting with your toys for Turkey. Do you have a distributor in Turkey? ?f not please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards
    sinan AKTA?

    sinan akta? (2010.12.5 23:10
  53. Your work is very inspiring for artisans. I love that you made works in wood. Continue your good work and tried to make exposure in Quebec (Canada). Thank you 😀

    Martin Goulet2010.12.7 11:30
  54. Hi. I have rarely seen things so beautiful and nice as your works are 😉

    Jukka Niskanen (2011.1.22 18:53
  55. I know some great wooden toys from Melissa and Doug. But these wooden toys are exceptional. Are they available in online store such as amazon or walmart?

    hottoyshub2011.1.23 14:21
  56. Dear Sir,
    Having a thorough review over the diverse designs of figures you have available in your range that we have expressed an interest in reselling them at our retail outlets located in Shanghai.
    For your information, we currently have 15 points of sale , for which mainly engaged in the retail business of both laptop and desktop computers as well as a vast array of mobile accessories.
    However, to further give our sales a boost we perceive to move beyond our existing range of products to other gift and preminum items like toys and collectibles.
    In view of our request, it is hoped that you could send us a detailed reseller pricelist along with the MOQ attached to respective designs of figure for our consideration.
    We look forward to your reply
    Best Regards,
    PK Thong
    LongJi Ganglian(Hong Kong)Trading Co.,Ltd
    13A.,Time Center
    53-55 Hollywood Road
    Central Hong Kong

    Mr Thong (2011.2.15 15:28
  57. Dear Takeji Nakagawa,
    First of all let me express how deeply I like your work!
    I am a big fan of alternative toys and toy art and yours are of such incredible quality and creativeness. They make me dream! Thank you!!!
    May name is Paolo and I am editor in chief of an online magazine called Artifice Magazine&tv, you can have a look at it on
    I would be both happy and honored to be able to publish photos of your work together with an interview.
    Should you express your interest, i would be sending you some questions and we could choose the photos togheter.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Let me take this occasion to express my solidarity and deep thoughts for all the Japanese families going through hard times at the present situation and hope for a very quick recovery.
    (I have placed a help japan section on our site)
    Thank you very much for your kind attention.
    Paolo Di Maio
    Artifice Magazine&tv

    Paolo Di Maio - ArtificeMagazine&tv (2011.3.30 07:17
  58. urrtlopserty
    Dazzling light red suede sewed white colored set is by and large precisely the same, while working with wide style and design, although the your back heel is often presented while in the minor laces to get furnishings; Shoe lace is constantly on the factor ineffective, white colored bathing room a smallish posting, the small print will be continually subtle.

    isabel marant cleane boots2012.5.25 16:42
  59. Konichiwa,
    Nihongo wa sekoshi des. Baby blocks to animals wa o kudasai. EBay wa daijobu des ka? I’m taking beginning Japanese now. Gomen na sai my Japanese is not perfect.
    Kimberly Tottori

    Kimberly Tottori (2012.6.21 18:59
  60. Dear Takeji Nakagawa,
    My wife an I have seen your work and we are happy to share with you our happiness because we will become parents for the first time. In this magnificent search through the valuable pieces which will become part of our child life, we have thought it would be wonderful if you allow us to make your art pieces part of this wonderful experience.
    It is important to tell you that I am the owner of an art gallery at Mexico City, you can see our website at and as part of this approach I would be delighted to exhibit the pieces we bought you for our child in it. I hope you can give me the opportunity to share with the mexican people your work.
    If you are interested I beg you to send me by mail the pieces you can offer me.

    Ricardo Castillo (2012.8.11 13:15
  61. Thank you for writing English comment.
    I read using an automatic translation.
    I am pleased with your words.
    I got the courage that continued making a work.
    I look forward to that I can meet you in the future.
    Thank you.

    中川岳二 (2012.8.18 16:11
  62. I love the pieces you create – I think they are fantastic and are simply beautiful.
    It is such a shame that you are not able to ship to UK but when you do find a way to do this, I would love to own a piece of your work.

    Karina (2012.11.20 23:18
  63. 私はあなたが私の作品を気に入ってくれたことを嬉しく思います。
    The following is an automatic translation in this sentence.
    I feel glad that you liked my work.
    I do not have a method to send a work abroad for the moment.
    However, you have some methods.
    For example,
    Like this my linked fan, there is the person who has a work in its hand.
    If there are a friend and a relative in Japan, please ask the person to go for a private exhibition.
    When you ask some friends, it seems to be wide, and the world may be small for you.
    I hope that the friend of the relative of your friend is my friend.

    中川岳二 (2012.11.21 10:41
  64. Hello Mr Nakagawa,
    Always a pleasure to visit your blog and see what you have been doing. I admire the things you make but also you seem to live such a good and worthwhile life in other ways too.
    So, I was wondering if you use the social network instagram? And if so what is the name I can find you on there? If you don’t yet use it you may enjoy to share the same photographs you take for your blog there and thus draw people to your site and more customers, although i suppose you have not shortage of customers.
    Anyway, instagram is often misunderstood as it offers many ‘filters’ that make photographs look old / vintage etc. But these filters need not be used and you may use no filter at all. Although for more subtle filmic colours you could use the app VSCO if you are using an iphone, but sadly it is not available for android yet.
    Well, apologies for the length of my nerd message and for it all being in english.
    Take care and I wish you well

    john rowley2013.8.27 09:39
  65. >john rowleyさん

    中川岳二 (2013.9.16 13:28